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Is the member/owner count up-to-date?

Please update your member/owner count on the main page if needed. When I bought a share today I got a confirmation number in the five hundred range. I assumed that meant that 210 member/owners as listed on the website isn't up-to-date. Forgive me if I assumed wrong. Chi

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Focus on variety, not just organic

Hi LBGC! I am so excited you guys exist! I was considering buying a share, but what stopped me is the emphasis on organic food. I am a HUGE fan of sustainable and local produce, and was really disappointed by the grocery stores (or lack thereof) when I moved from Berkeley to Long Beach. My hesitation is not because I am against organic food, but because I'm concerned that a grocery store that tries to only carry organic food will be inaccessible because of price. A great example of a store that carries both organic and non-organic food and is absolutely a community center is the Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley. Its certainly unfortunate that organic food tends to cost more, but its a reality, and I want to make sure I'm investing in a grocery store that is accessible to EVERYONE in the community, not only middle/upper class people. Happy to hear thoughts and opinions!

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