Gift A Share


1. Make sure you are not signed into the website under your name. 

    If you are log out.

2. Click on Purchase a Share

3. You MUST enter all of the following information for the person receiving the gifted share :

     Name, address, telephone number and email

    Note: It is very important that all the information is correct especially the email address

4. When you go to the Paypal payment page enter your payment information and billing address.

5. When your payment is processed you will receive a notice from Paypal and the person

    will receive their email share draft.

6.  Anyone can donate a share even if you are not a member of LBGC. If you would like to donate

     a share to someone from our wish list of potential owners contact us at

7.  You can use our payment plan to purchase the gifted share over time. 

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