Long Beach Grocery Co-op Pledge Party

March 21, 2015 at 11am - 3pm

Will you come?


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  • damon lawrence
    commented 2015-03-02 22:21:10 -0800
    OK FUTURE LBGC OWNERS WE NEED TO MAKE A STATEMENT! Are we ready to go get our store? We’re almost 12,000 strong on this page! The case has been made for the need for the first cooperatively owned grocery co-op in the Long Beach area. Are we ready to make the sacrifices to make it happen? Come out and join us March 21, 2015 from 11am-3pm for LBGC Ownership Pledge Day at Farmlot 59. We nicknamed this project the “QUEST” for a reason, so come join us in the “Quest”:
    To provide quality locally grown organic produce at a reasonable price at anytime and seven days a week.
    To provide a space for Long Beach’s burgeoning local food artisans to sell their goods.
    To provide a space to teach our citizens about nutrition and health.
    To provide living wage jobs with benefits to our community.
    To help to foster a growing demand for food produced by independent small farmers.
    To teach our citizens how to grow their own organic food.
    To sell eco-friendly products with limited packaging.
    To provide our goods in the most sustainable manner possible.
    To be able to use the profits from the sale of LBGC grocery items to benefit our community instead of padding corporate profits and CEO salaries of the big corporate markets.
    A grocery co-op is not a new idea. There are many across the U.S. that provide us with a well established blueprint. We can get this done Long Beach.
    Over 650 million dollars was spent on groceries in the Long Beach area in 2012! Let’s keep a portion of these dollars for our community.
    This is a grass roots effort in every way. Can we come together to develop a successful cooperatively owned market to give us another option to spend our grocery dollars? See you March 21st at Farmlot 59 Future Owners of LBGC! LET"S GO GET OUR STORE!