As a future member/owner of LBGC we welcome your suggestions.  Help us shape LBGC into something special.

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=partner with existing businesses to get the word-out

I am wondering if we could partner with existing businesses to provide member discounts as well as drive up sales for them. I feel a little bit like the models of offering mini co-ops has worked well for migratory co-ops in the past.

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True Social Reform From The Bottom Up

I attended the coop meeting last night and a subject was mentioned about BLM and a statement and coop position for social Reform. That’s awesome! Then our group would not be opposed to something better and more strategic focused that help save our country and address the racial inequality, the Inequity and repairs our community and nation. It has the power and potential to catapult our Coopertive into orbit. It’s something we all can embrace that inspires and empowers, We this people. I’m opening to sharing with our group! Dr. Gerald Higginbotham, LBGC Member (314) 581-0009

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News Stories

How about some promotional news stories in the Press Telegram and the Grunion Gazette and other neighborhood newspapers. That will help get out the word on this awesome project.

Official response from submitted

Hey Anne! 

Thanks for these suggestions. We'll have to look into getting something submitted to the Grunion and the Press Telegram!

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Focus on zero waste, reduce packaging, and unprocessed foods

Are the bulk bin products coming in gigantic plastic bags from the farm to the market? Are the organic kale chips made with processed oils and coming in a plastic bag? These are the questions that go through my mind as a shopper, carry brands who specifically use alternative recyclable and compostable packaging....otherwise do not sell the product and keep it simple ! Unless there are allergies involved I do not want to see any single use plastics!

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Keep it eco and animal-friendly

Hi LBGC! Would love to see this store be as plastic free as possible! Encouraging members to bring their own mesh produce bags, reusable jars, etc when shopping could cut costs for the co-op and keep unnecessary single use plastic out of the environment. Also, making this be a 100% vegan co-op would spark a national conversation, putting it on the map! Thousands of animals lives could be saved if it is an all vegan place to shop. The vegan population in Long Beach is already huge, and growing even more rapidly as the animal rights/vegan movements gain momentum. Hope this happens sooner than later!

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Steps to apply online for WBJEE 2018 Form

As per the recent information, West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination has published the notifications regarding the WBJEE 2018. Aspirants who all looking forward to getting admission for the 1st year engineering in UG in various departments can apply online for WBJEE 2018. The important thing is if once the applicants that who are all eligible to apply and get the eligible score. They will be requested to study under various reputed government and private institutions across the state of West Bengal. WBJEE Application Form 2018 will be starting from January to February 2018. For information, this is the right time to submit your eligible documents and get ready for admission to pursue your engineering.

Here is the good opportunity for the seekers that who wants to be a part of West Bengal JEE Exam. The board has issued the notifications related to the application form. To apply for this exam, the candidates must have eligibility criteria of 12th class with 60% pass marks. It mainly depends on the subject marks, the candidates asked to join the respective course.

Thus the capable candidates can register for WBJEE 2018 via offline as well as online mode. But everyone must be aware of about the final submission date. So applying before the last date, it will make the candidates handle smoothly. For further details, you can visit the WBJEE Official website at any time.

Steps to apply online for WBJEE 2018

These are the essential things for the applicants to follow before entering into the registration process. Make sure about the required documents that you should carry while applying. Hope the step by step information will be helpful for you during the registration.

  1. At first, the candidates must enter the allotted official website to find the application form.
  2. Before getting into the filling process, you must check out all the details that they are seeking for.
  3. Now enter all the valid details to avoid the rejection.
  4. By applying for the eligible common test, candidates need to scan all the original mark sheet copies, signature and passport size photo for more process.
  5. The main thing is ID proof that is always mandatory to submit along with application form.
  6. Once the above process is done, you can submit after the recheck for your satisfaction.

The above steps will be useful for the applicants during the WBJEE 2018 Registration process at any time. The applicants must be sure that you should submit before the given last date.

WBJEE 2081 Application Fee

The qualified candidates can pay via different modes in online. Based on the category, the fee will be differing.

  • For Engineering, Technology & Architecture: Rs.500/-
  • For Engineering, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy & Architecture: Rs.600/-

WBJEE Application Form 2018:-


UP Polytechnic 2018 Application Form:-

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Types of relocation services offered by packers and movers

Living in the times of competition, growth and development in our life has become a matter of prime concern. People today, are more enthusiast and positively hail new changes in life. Such an attitude is one of the reasons why people are preferring to settle in a developed area. The very mention of “settling”, there comes the thought of moving stuff – be it your domestic goods, your office belongings, your storehouse stuff, your cargo and much more! 

packers and movers in chandigarh

               For shifting from one place to another themost difficult and the most tiring task is packing and unpacking your belongings. This moving of all your essentials seems like an old cavemen’s task. Moreover, safety is the major concern. Well, nobody wants to lose the dear valuables in just one go! Plus, time is money for us and investing it in such a tedious task would be a loss. 

            So, to save you from the trouble of lagging behind in the race of life, packers and movers have proved to be the real magicians. In just a blink of eye, they responsibly do the relocation. 

Packers And Movers in Ludhiana

            Relocation is just not confines to domestic shifting. After much of development in this industry, it now provides tailor made services to ensure a comfortable move. The article hereby includes different types of services provided by movers and packers.

➢ Domestic relocation : As the name suggests, moving homes involves a lot of stuff. Furniture, kitchen material, books,  personal belongings, clothes and what not! But in just a prickle of bubble, packers and movers do the packing  withperfection and save your energy. They bring along the packing material according to the items. They will arrange and separate stuff themselves and will deliver it on time with all the safety of your goods ensured!
➢ Corporate relocation :  It involves shifting of an office which is particularly a mammoth task . Office stock will for sure include more of electronic material (like computers, printers, scanners, etc), tables, ergonomic chairs and all of these commodities are too expensive. Such costly goods demand an expertise handling. The packers and movers also provide insurance of your belongings, promising a secured delivery. 


               These services are also differentiated on the basis of location :

➢ Local relocation : It means relocation within the city. The packers and movers provide proper transportation services for on time delivery.
➢ Inter-state relocation : This industry also serves from one state to another. The packing of the articles is done according to the mode of transport – by road or by air. On road service is possible in any case but security of goods cannot be compromised by the company.
➢ International relocation : time and want for the best does not spare anyone. That’s why shifting abroad is quite common these days.  Movers and packers transfer your goods either by air or by sea.

So, explore the best, hire the best and enjoy the rest!

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How Movers and packers play vital role in shifting

Got transferred but worried too much for your shifting with your family and your belongings. Due to shortage of time and too much belonging and family you are more worried and stressed. But every problem comes with a solution so no need to worry. With so much advancement and upgraded facilities in every walk of life a wide range of packing companies are serving to their best.

In this competitive world where every industry wants to grow and movers and packers is the one which is growing rapidly. Today everything is available at a single click. Almost everyone have access to their internet facilities so taking the advantage of that you can easily hire a company which can meet your requirements.

Take a benefit of Internet

Internet and social media is a platform where you can find solutions for every situation. You can hire the company by looking into their profiles available online. The one working perfectly in this line will have regular updates by posting his latest work, so you can judge their performance with their images available and the reviews or feedback given by their customers.

Hassle free shifting

The packers and movers experts will relieve your tension as it’s all their responsibility to pack your stuff and handle it with care. Their experts have to manage everything from packing to transporting it with great care. It would not be your duty to manage the things, it’s all their responsibility to manage and give 100 percent satisfaction to the customers. They will give you a sigh of relaxation.

Packing and Unpacking

From packing everything to unpack and delivering on time is what they are working for.  Even the material they will use for packing will be their own. The experts are well trained and know how to differently pack each and every valuable. They are well trained for packing the glass material separately. So you also need not to worry about your material made up of glass. They will handle each and every item with good care because you are paying them for the services.

Expert Team-

Due to cut throat competition in the current scenario the companies are coming up with perfect experts who know how to manage and handle the things. Because your valuables are vital for you so it’s their responsibility to take care of everything. 

All the above mention services are the vital services provided by the professional movers and packers agencies these days. It’s not a time to worry and take stress as every city and state is growing up and this industry is working in all aspects to give 100 percent satisfaction to the customers. They try to give the services without any problem specially no breakage of stuff because they are very well trained experts and try to use the packing material in a way that it protects your valuable items.

So try not worry whether you relocating with family, kids or your pets. Your packing agency will help you from start to end.

Have a happy and safe shifting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Let's get this going!

First -- Agree with Chi, please update the homepage member count if we are indeed at 500+ members. Suspect memberships will pick up the closer we get to 1,000. Second -- With all the public events sponsored within Long Beach, many of them free, please ramp up promotions and marketing to potential new members. One suggestion would be to set up an instant up at the "Concerts in the Park" held summer Thursdays at Marine Stadium. Lot's of community oriented people.

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Is the member/owner count up-to-date?

Please update your member/owner count on the main page if needed. When I bought a share today I got a confirmation number in the five hundred range. I assumed that meant that 210 member/owners as listed on the website isn't up-to-date. Forgive me if I assumed wrong. Chi

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Focus on variety, not just organic

Hi LBGC! I am so excited you guys exist! I was considering buying a share, but what stopped me is the emphasis on organic food. I am a HUGE fan of sustainable and local produce, and was really disappointed by the grocery stores (or lack thereof) when I moved from Berkeley to Long Beach. My hesitation is not because I am against organic food, but because I'm concerned that a grocery store that tries to only carry organic food will be inaccessible because of price. A great example of a store that carries both organic and non-organic food and is absolutely a community center is the Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley. Its certainly unfortunate that organic food tends to cost more, but its a reality, and I want to make sure I'm investing in a grocery store that is accessible to EVERYONE in the community, not only middle/upper class people. Happy to hear thoughts and opinions!

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