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Focus on zero waste, reduce packaging, and unprocessed foods

Are the bulk bin products coming in gigantic plastic bags from the farm to the market? Are the organic kale chips made with processed oils and coming in a plastic bag? These are the questions that go through my mind as a shopper, carry brands who specifically use alternative recyclable and compostable packaging....otherwise do not sell the product and keep it simple ! Unless there are allergies involved I do not want to see any single use plastics!

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Focus on variety, not just organic

Hi LBGC! I am so excited you guys exist! I was considering buying a share, but what stopped me is the emphasis on organic food. I am a HUGE fan of sustainable and local produce, and was really disappointed by the grocery stores (or lack thereof) when I moved from Berkeley to Long Beach. My hesitation is not because I am against organic food, but because I'm concerned that a grocery store that tries to only carry organic food will be inaccessible because of price. A great example of a store that carries both organic and non-organic food and is absolutely a community center is the Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley. Its certainly unfortunate that organic food tends to cost more, but its a reality, and I want to make sure I'm investing in a grocery store that is accessible to EVERYONE in the community, not only middle/upper class people. Happy to hear thoughts and opinions!

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Let's get this going!

First -- Agree with Chi, please update the homepage member count if we are indeed at 500+ members. Suspect memberships will pick up the closer we get to 1,000. Second -- With all the public events sponsored within Long Beach, many of them free, please ramp up promotions and marketing to potential new members. One suggestion would be to set up an instant up at the "Concerts in the Park" held summer Thursdays at Marine Stadium. Lot's of community oriented people.

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Is the member/owner count up-to-date?

Please update your member/owner count on the main page if needed. When I bought a share today I got a confirmation number in the five hundred range. I assumed that meant that 210 member/owners as listed on the website isn't up-to-date. Forgive me if I assumed wrong. Chi

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